Friday, 4 June 2010

June Loons: day three

I realise its Folksy Friday but first I have to post Loony listings. Here is today's post about yesterday's listings- what I listed and my favourite three items from other fantastic folksy sellers.

Here's my listing, and......., wait for it, ....its NOT a pair of earrings!! Once you've picked yourself off the floor I shall tell you why. The big problem with only making earring is that you run out of 0.8mm wire to make the earwires with! So its time to start making other bits and pieces. Wine charms made from memory wire and beads from my enormous stash.

And my 3 favourites from other sellers...(click on the pics to find out more).

Totally loaded goodies charm bracelet by The Jewellery Angel; Cotton candy cabbage rose hair slide by Lonely Hearts; Button bracelet by Mushy...Makes


NOfkantsCurios said...

I love MushMakes button bracelet so a really cool choice! The contrast in the classic black, white and red just stands out so well!

Jewellery Angel and Lonely Hearts item are just fab too!!! Such a hard job to pick out just a few favs from such a great array!

Natalie x

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