Monday, 31 May 2010

June Loons

Well I have decided to join in with the June Loons....a mad group of folksy sellers who are attempting to list at least one new item every day in June. Eeek! Scarey! Whats even scarier is that some of my fellow loonies have already been at this for 2 months (the April Fools and the May Mayhemmers). Whether I'll manage every day or not remains to be seen, but, fingers crossed! Better get making and photographing....

The point of this is to hopefully increase sales by promoting each other etc.

Fellow loons: please feel free to comment with your folksy shop/blog so that my handful of readers can see your wonderful creations.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Folksy badge competition

Yesterday I was browsing the folksy forum for the first time and came across a competition. I decided to have a play at entering (Folksy blog badge competition). Closing date is tomorrow and you are allowed up to 3 entries. I used psp9 to create the badges and all the photos used in the first pic are from bits I have made.

Check out the group pool of entries. There are some AMAZING designs on there. I feel sorry for the judges. They're gonna have a tricky job on Monday.

Sunday edit- I like the simple design of the second badge but like the button style and black backgroud of the first so I decided to kinda combine the two for my third and final entry.

Regardless of the outcome of the competition you are welcome to use my designs if you want. If you need the gif files or some help with the coding email me and I'll lend a hand.

Friday, 28 May 2010

African Folksy Friday

A couple of days ago I was contacted by an English language centre in Southampton who are looking for tutor to teach maths to (mainly) Somali students for a couple of hours a week. I had an interview this morning. Seems very interesting and I think it went well. I wont know for a bit yet if they would like me to work there but I have been inspired to create a mosaic of African theme finds for this weeks Folksy Friday.


Batik wax print fabric by Batik Batik; Krobo beads by Dolly beads;
African lady and baby card by Nithria; Set of 6 African finger puppets by MuNGBEANS;
Silver with African turquoise earrings by PoJones; Pastel Portrait: African Boy by Megan Dowcett.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fold Formed Earrings

Well I've finished the fold formed earrings I was talking about in this post. My first attempt at fold forming and I think I'm hooked. Its a fair bit of effort but the results are well worth it. I decided to have a go at fold forming after being inspired by Nicci on the cookson gold forum in this post. Thanks for being a wonderful muse Nicci.


They are made from 0.5mm sterling silver sheet and 4mm garnet beads. I haven't decided whether I'm keeping them or selling them yet. Do you like them?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Recycled dangly earrings

A few years ago I went to a bead fair and picked up some lovely sky blue 'vintage' beads from a seller who specialises in reclaimed beads (I can't remember who though-wish I could.) I combined them with some broken bits of snake chain to make these earrings. Pretty easy to make too. Take pieces of snake chain and individually heat the ends with a blow torch until they ball up. Pickle and rinse. Pop on the beads and VERY carefully solder the other ends of the snake chain to a ring. Pickle and rinse again and polish then pop onto earwires.

For a while they've been sitting here next to me while I decide whether to keep them or sell them. Well, I've now decided. If you want them then you can find them on Folksy.

Haven't done any extra on the fold forming mentioned in the previous post but will do soon.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Facebook Fan page and Fold Forming

Good morning everyone on this glorious day. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

A couple of days ago I made a business page for my jewellery on Facebook. Its here if you want to have a look and 'like' me. :o)

So far this weekend I've been playing with foldforming. On the cooksongold jewellery making forum we set challenges every month to get our creative juices flowing and this month is 'muse'. I was inspired by someones work on the forum but its down at the mo so I can't say who..... Hopefully the forum will be back up later and I can show you all my muse and, when they're finished, the earrings I've made. I say later... it may not be today as I have some proper work to do and I might just have to go out and enjoy the sunshine rather than play with silver.

Friday, 21 May 2010

BIG folksy Friday

I can't stop giggling. I placed an order with Cooksongold the other day to get some more gold for Mum's pearls. (It was M&D's 30th wedding anniversary in Sept and Dad got Mum some lovely burgundy, temporary strung pearls for her to do whatever she wants with them. I've already strung a classic knotted style necklace for her but the next one is going to be pearls suspended on twisted gold when done.) Well, as I was putting an order in anyway, I thought I'd get a bar of tripoli for me. I already have a bar of rouge for the final polishing stages but didn't have any tripoli for the initial polishing stages (I've been using wet&dry sandpaper). I assumed the tripoli would be pretty much the same as the rouge...

Hence the giggles!

Well, with that in mind I thought I'd have a large item Folksy Friday. Click on the images to go to the shops selling these wonderful handmade goodies.


Red button necklace by Heroine Industries; Red and cream fascinator by Rachel Wykes;
Photograph, windmill in winter by Jane Broster Art; Butterfly ring by Lilypickle;
Enormous tote bag by ToadybobbinsJelutong by Woodwose Carving and Crafts

Friday, 14 May 2010

Pink Folksy Friday

Arrgh..its Friday again so quickly. Where did the week go? This Friday I have decided on a shocking pink theme of lovely handmade goodies (because I have been finishing RaiRai's shocking pink dragon this week). Click on the pics to go to the fantabulous shops.


 Pink doily earrings by Blue Fish Handmade; Butterflies resin necklace by I Love Spoilt Pig;
Flower and butterfly wall art by 100 Percent Delicate; Pink button necklace by Lasy Daisy;
Bunny rabbit retropet by The Whistling Cowgirl; Young hearts run free knitting needles by Pennydog

Friday, 7 May 2010

Green folksy Friday

A folksy Fri with a recycled theme in recognition that the Green party has its first MP! Click on the images to go to the shops selling these wonderful recycled/upcyled, hanmade goodies.

(If you like swaps and eco-crafts then today is the last day to sign up here for a brilliant swap organised by Emma and Rachel at That Little Bit Greener). 


Recycled planters by Lucky Bird; Flower rag rug by The Sunroom UK;
Recycled bead Tiara by Diamante Dream; Recycled denim bag by Pink Flapjacks;
Matryoshka sewing set by Vintage Violet Buttons; Upcycled red and pink facinator by Tusen Takk.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Folksy shop grand opening

Yay! I finally listed some earrings in my folksy shop. So proud of myself! Go see them here.

Right. Better get making so I can put more bits in there!