Sunday, 13 June 2010

Green swap sent

Jen over at TheMadHouse has received the bits I sent her for the green swap organised by Emma and Rachel over at that little bit greener. I was a lot headachey when I parcel up Jen's bits on Mon so I didn't write to her why each thing was green. Well now I know its arrived I can let her and everyone else know.  Here's what I sent:

The bits I made for the swap:
A crocheted basket made from yarn made from charity shop tshirts. I used this excellent tutorial to make yarn from a black and a green tshirt, crocheted 8 granny squares and stitched them together into a basket.

A phone/camera/other thingy sock. This was made from an orphaned sock of mine- thoroughly laundered! After at least a couple of years, I have finally given up its partner spontaneously turning up so chopped off the foot, stitched up the bottom and added a button and elastic closure. So.... give it a week before the missing sock turns up? If it does I shall make myself one of these too as I was rather reluctant to part with it!

Rescued shell bead bracelet. A couple of years ago I was in 'East' and they were selling broken jewellery off really cheap. I was drawn to a broken cuff bracelet. Several of the shell beads had snapped at one of the holes. I have skinny wrists so I was intending to remove the broken beads and restring as it was. unfortunately, when I removed the broken beads, it was too small for me so the beads went into my stash until inspiration hit. And it finally hit the other week! I made 2 articulated bracelets using silver plated head pins. One went to Jen in the swap and the other can be found in my folksy shop if you're interested.

Other bits I sent:
I usually like to send chocolate for my swappee and family but with the recent hot weather I didn't think it would be a good idea (turns out the weather turned so it would have been fine). I am fortunate enough to be a chocolate taster!! Yes you read that right. I'm a member of the mars panel. Every once in a while they send me a questionnaire to fill in and very occasionally I get to test products. The last product testing I did was for galaxy bubbles before it was launched. They sent me 12 bits of choc in various shapes for me to taste and evaluate and as a thank you for all this strenuous work they sent me some vouchers too! I sent these to Jen so she and her minimads can pick whatever choc/sweets they want.

I also sent various bits and pieces- they're in the basket. Ribbons, fabric scraps and metal flower shapes. The ribbons were cut off tops- you know the hanging loops that just get in the way; the fabric scraps came from our local scrap store; and the flowers were rescued from a broken lantern. Hope Jen can find a good use for them.

I thoroughly enjoyed pondering and making for this swap so thanks Emma and Rachel for organising it. Jen got delayed with half term so my parcel will be coming later. I don't mind- much more important for Mum to spend half term with her boys than make bits for me!


TheMadHouse said...

They are wonderul. I have just got to package yours up and post them next tomorrow. Thank you ever so much

MitziMakes said...

What a great basket!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial - I'm definitely going to try this too!!

Serenata said...

Brilliant ideas for a great swap. Wasn't it fun?!

Floss said...

Wow - I can't get over how creative everyone has been in this swap! What a lovely parcel you sent.

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