Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pay-it-forward Giveaway

Hello lovely readers. Hope you are all well. I am good but considering hibernating till spring....did we miss autumn? Brrrrr!
Today's post is all about a pay-it-forward giveaway. I have entered a fab giveaway from the lovely Nancy of Because I'm going to get something from Nancy, I will be making goodies for three people. So who wants something from me? If you want to join in you must also agree to make something for 3 people within a year and they will have to agree to the same and so on, spreading the handmade love around!
I have no idea what I'll be making yet. Could be anything from a handmade card, to jewellery to decoration to who knows what! I'm not going to tell you what I'm making you either so hopefully it will be a lovely surprise when it arrives. I am happy to post worldwide.
So who wants to play? The first 3 people who comment saying they want to join in will get some sort of handmade item from me within the next 11 months (I was a bit of a slow coach actually getting this post up!)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

OTTBS: Bead, Book & Bounce- Little Bead Boxes

Welcome to this month's Bead, Book and Bounce, a beading and book review project we are taking part in over on Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. This is the third review in the series and we are reviewing 'Little Bead Boxes' by Julia S. Pretl. (Check out the introductory post over on OTTBS if you want to know more about the BB&B project.)

Now when Clair announced this book as our project I did not own the book. Oooops! I may have bought it just so I can play too. It didn't help that several members of our facebook group showed us loads of gorgeous boxes they'd already made. They can be viewed here (you need to be a member of the group to view pictures, I think, but anyone can request to join us, so please do!) I had seen this book in the past but never bought it because I'm not sure what I would do with all the little boxes if I made them but I decided that the construction techniques would be invaluable to learn. I decided to try it out on the kindle. First time buying a crafting book on it. It was fab that I could read it the instant I purchased it but it was occasionally faffier to use than a print book would be and the layout didn't always make total sense.

I would not recommend this book for the beginner. You could do with being very familiar with peyote stitch as that's what they are all based on. You could also do with a stash of delicas. The instructions are fab, as are the diagrams, but it is fiddly. There are times when you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing but you're really not sure how you are going to achieve it. I have been beading for many years now, and beadweaving in particular for at least 16 years and I did not find my first box easy to make, in particular the hem. Beads breaking were a major problem. Its a high tension project and I ended up making unpicking and restarting the hem on the box 3 times and on the lid at least 5.  Julia does suggest a way to replace broken beads but in my opinion it never looks right and its best just to pull the whole thing back to your broken bead and start again. It really turned in to a labour of love I'm not going to let this &^$£* thing beat me!
But I got there! Eventually...
I was hoping to get a couple of them done for this review but I only just finished my first one this morning so no time to get another out before this review needed to be published. I decided on the 'Star' box. Partly because I loved the design and partly because Julia says that the pentagons lie the flattest. I decided I didn't want feet. Personally, I'm not convinced on the look of them. I might change my mind though. All delicas for this box were from the lovely Rachel of RB Beads.

To make it, especially as I mostly read the pattern from my kindle, I tended to use the word maps (all box designs are given in word map and diagram form). Sometimes, I did use the kindle reading app on my laptop though when I needed to see the images in colour. One major tip though, actually sit down and read the book before jumping in with both feet. A large proportion of the book talks about the general box construction. The 'patterns' don't really make sense unless you understand how the boxes are put together. I read these parts of the book several times to get my head around them before even selecting my beads and which box to make. The patterns then made much more sense. Its probably the first book in many years that I've actually read the technique bit before actually starting!
So will I make more? Probably, yes, when the memory of the frustration of breaking beads on the hem fades! It does feel great to actually have finished it, especially given the pain it was at time....literally....fiddly and high tension = many stabbings of Gemma with needle. Oh and make sure you have a few needles to spare. I broke 3 doing this one box alone (I used size 13 short needles.) I would recommend short needles and a heavily used wiggly one is VERY handy for the hems!
Oh and I suppose I better make more seen as though my finger has just slipped on Julia's website, ooops. Well she is having a sale today and 'Blue Bloom' and 'Olive' are soooooo pretty. ;o) 
Check out other members boxes and reviews here!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

October Crafting

Sorry to report, but hardly anything! The only thing I've finished were the hairsticks I showed you in my last post. I have done a little bit of beading this month but nothing finished. Hopefully will finish my BB&B project for the reveal in a couple of days time.
Better get beading.....

Saturday, 6 October 2012

OTTBS: Bead, Book & Bounce- The Beaded Garden

Welcome to this month's Bead, Book and Bounce, a beading and book review project we are taking part in over on Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. This is the second review in the series and we are reviewing 'The Beaded Garden' by Diane Fitzgerald. Check out the introductory post over on OTTBS if you want to know more about the project.
This book has been in my collection for a few years. I bought it shortly after Phil and I got engaged in Aug 2008 with a vague idea of making myself a beaded bouquet. I remember making 1 flower (the five petal flower made with shaped leaves on page 23) and it look me the best part of a day. What with spending many weekends during the next year at my friend's house helping her make my wedding dress and I was still teaching in school at the time, I realised there was no way I'd have the time to make a whole bouquet. I thought maybe some beaded flowers mixed in with the real ones but in the end I only used beaded flowers on the favours. I did make a few samples though and here they are.
Left to right, top first:
Five petal flower made with variation 1 shaped leaves; morning glory; pom-pom flower.
 Rolled flower with loops; flower made from 5 pansy petals; tiny tulip; lilies of the valley.

BTW- my wedding wasn't red and blue! I was using blue beads as I had plenty before I chose a colour scheme and then switched to red (and copper) when I decided that's the colour I wanted.
This is a blue version of the five petal flower made with variation 1 shaped leaves (the first thing I made from the book). I added a sterling silver bail through the centre to make it into a pendant. I believe a did a crafty swap with someone for this a few years ago as I no longer have it.
Here are the flowers that actually made it into our wedding, the pom-pom flowers. I made quite a few of these and strung them on ribbon to use as ties for the favours. As far as I can remember they make up fairly quickly- ideal as I was making quite a few!
I don't remember having any difficulties with the instructions of any of the flowers I made back in 2008/9. I did have a few difficulties based on the fact I was using poor quality seedies and in the red 5 petal flower in the samples picture I was using a needle that was a bit too fat for the tiny hex cut edges so I broke quite a few. I have been beading for many years but I was out of practice when I made these due. I hardly did any beading at all during my classroom teaching days so I don't think you need to be an experienced beader to attempt the projects in this book.
One issue I have with this book is, what do you do with the flowers once you've made them?! The only flower that has been turned into something from all those I made pre-wedding is the blue one above. The rest have been sitting around in a box for the past 3 to 4 years. When Clair announced this book as the next in BB&B I was determined to make something that could be worn and this is what I made in the last few days- daisy hairsticks!

They are based on the daisy pattern but I used frosted crystal AB 11s rather than white cylinder beads (mostly because I don't own any white cylinders!) It meant that my petals ended up a little bigger than the pattern but that worked out quite well as my buttons are slightly bigger than the instructions call for. I used 15mm 'hemline' plastic self cover buttons. I didn't have any yellow fabric but I did have some cream and a yellow permanent marker! I purchased a pack of hairstick blanks from Etsy a while back to use in this amazing pattern (not that I've gotten round to it yet) so had some going spare. I drilled the hole in the top a lot wider so that I could glue the button shank into it. I also added a calyx round the base of each daisy. The instructions were easy to follow but I would add that if you need to change thread, weave off the old thread though a petal and not the base row like I did on the first one, especially if you use fragile frosted beads like me, or you'll risk broken beads.
A chapter I love in this book is the creatures one. One day I will make a butterfly necklace and I adore the dragonflies, though I am slightly disappointed that there aren't instructions for the large dragonfly shown at the start of the chapter. Hopefully I can make one by adapting the first dragonfly pattern though. I also love the small gallery at the back featuring floral designs from other beaders, very inspiring. I adore the seed bead buds by Jo Lessa Willey.
My verdict on the book? Clear instructions and a fab variety of flowers with a few creatures thrown in too. You might want to think carefully about how you're going to use them though.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Now, hop across to the main review links page on the OTTBS blog to see other peoples' reviews.


PS. Did I mention how incredibly difficult it is to take a photo of the back of your own head?!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September Crafting

Hi all. How was your September? Good I hope.
My crafty bug is dragging its little feet a bit but is coming back to me I think. Having outside sourced projects is helping- forcing me to do some beading at least. I did do a little creating last month and here it all is.
First up is the hairclips. You may have read in my August roundup post that I was making 2 more hairclips based on  Christina Vandervlist's Helix bangle pattern in Kate McKinnon's soon to be published "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork". Here are all 3 clips together (you have seen the little purple one before). As I write this they are hopfully with Kate across in USA.
I have finished other bits I mentioned in my Aug roundup post. Here is my first square for the Bead&Button bead-it-forward quilt project (a charity project raising money for breast cancer research- more info here) The sunflower button on my square is still on my to do list to be a free tutorial on this blog so keep an eye out if you're interested in it.
I also finished the steampunk resin cabochons I was talking about. Well, the ones Mary wanted anyway! I still have a pile of unfinished ones! Really looking forward to seeing what she does with them.
I also pattern tested a fantastic pendant tutorial by the lovely Beads by Becs. Its called 'Evolve' and can be bought in her Etsy shop. Such a fab reversable design.
I think the only other thing I completed in September was the bracelet in last month's Bead, Book & Bounce but here it is again incase you missed it. Its based on a design by Lisa Kan. Check the aforementioned link for more info.
October plans include more Bead, Book & Bounce work (always 2 books on the go) and check out the gorgeous new challenge over on OTTBS!! Not sure if I'll get time for much else as I'm busy every weekend I think but we will have to see.
Have a fab October everyone, whatever you're up to.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

OTTBS: Bead, Book & Bounce- Bead Romantique

Welcome to Bead, Book & Bounce, a bead and book review project organised by the lovely Clair in Operation Tackle that bead stash. If you want to know more about the project then read the introductory post on the OTTBS blog here. To summarise though, its a monthly blog feature encouraging us to actually use our wonderful beading books!
Like many members of the group I have many beading books that I look through regularly, but there are very few that I've actually made anything from so I was eager to take part. I can't promise I'll join in every month but I hope to when I can. The first book chosen was "Bead Romantique" by Lisa Kan.
To be honest, I was disappointed with the first choice because its not a book I owned and I wanted to join in straight away. Although I've seen this book on many an Amazon browse I never felt tempted to buy it because I'm not an elegant, ornate and ...well...romantique-y sort of person. Whilst occasionally I do dress up 'all posh like', I spend most of my time in scruffy purple DMs and jeans so I'd never felt the urge to buy the book. However, when fellow OTTBS members started posting pictures of goodies they had already made in our facebook group I became more interested. As I had a birthday coming up I decided to add it to my wish list and see if some lovely person would buy it for me- and they did!

Things then conspired against me to join in this project but fortunately for me the reveal date got pushed back a month so that gave me more time. Lacking mojo and other projects have meant that I haven't really done a lot but I thought I'd join in the project with my thoughts and the little bit I have done.
On a first flick though the book I thought there were many beautiful designs but, like I'd thought, many are too ornate for me. For those who'd like to know, the instructions are in written and diagram form. I think they are clear and easy to follow. There are beautiful photographs of the finished pieces of jewellery, occasionally in different colourways. There are a variety of different materials used in the 17 projects, such as seed beads, drops, triangles, chain, crystals and pearls. There are easy projects more suited to beginner and more complex ones too though they are not difficulty graded.
Despite the fact that this book is too ornate for me, on closer inspection I discovered that I want to make elements of more than half the patterns. There are probably only 2 projects I would make pretty much 'as is' (Netted Rivoli Chain Earrings and Victorian Diamond Cuff), but many projects I like certain elements of. For example, I love the pendant bit of the design on the front cover but its too much for me with the rest of the necklace. I'm thinking about making just that part and adding it to a simple beaded rope or many making a few of them and linking together in a bracelet.
The small bit of the book I have actually done so far is a rope. Lisa has a few gorgeous ropes in the book with wonderful textures. I decided to make the rope from the Deco Collar as I love the combination of triangles and 15s. I decided to make a simple bracelet with some frosted black toho size 11 triangles and some fuchsia lined 15s I've had in my stash for yonks. In the tips, Lisa mentions how to make the tube smaller so I decided to go for a 3 unit start rather than 5 to end up with a narrower tube. Whilst the instructions are clear and easy to follow I got a little confused by Lisa's description that it is odd-count tubular peyote. Its not like any tubular peyote I've ever done before and to me it looks much more like Russian spiral (a quick search to check and I'm pretty sure it is)- but I've never gotten round to doing that stitch yet either so I ignored my knowledge of peyote and just followed the instructions. I did remove the starting row at the end so that I could make a seamless tubular bangle. Here it is, totally un-romantique-y but much more me.

I have also started the Black Lace Lariat but not gotten very far with it yet. I'm not going to make the full lariat, it will be a choker instead. The pattern calls for size 11 and size 13 charlottes. Hmmmm...I don't have any and you don't see them much in the UK. You can get size 15s and I occassionally see size 13 but not sure I've ever seen size 11s online or at fairs, haven't looked that hard though yet! (Quick aside about resources: Lisa gives a suppliers list for each of her projects including contact details at the back. She is California based though so all her suppliers are US) I would love to make it in black charlottes because the single facet would make it fab but as I don't have any, I decided to see if it would work with normal size 15 and 11 seed beads. It does seem to be working okish. So far I only have 2 medallions done. I think I'll need 12 to make it round my neck and I will run out of the gunmetal fire polish before then so it wont be finished any time soon but here it is so far.

Another project I really want to do is the rope the last project in the book, though I'd probably make it a bracelet. Its triple spiral and has lots of 3mm swarovski bicones. As this will make it quite expensive I've shelved my plan for this one at the moment. However, on an impromptu visit to my local bead shop (The Southampton Bead Shop) I found 3mm Chinese crystal bicones. Not quite as regular but they will probably be fine for this project and lots cheaper. I didn't buy any as I'd spent a small fortune at a bead fair the other day but definitely worth remembering!

 I will make more bits from this book (I hope) and will let you know on my blog when I do. My verdict on the book? Excellent if you like the more ornate and elegant style. There are still some good elements if that style isn't really your cup of tea, but maybe try and get hold of a copy to look through before you buy.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Now, hop across to the main review page on the OTTBS blog to see other peoples' reviews.


Friday, 31 August 2012

August Crafting

Hello lovely readers. Hope you've had a fab August. Mine's been busy with various bits and pieces. Not a lot of crafting done but my mojo does appear to be coming back. Yay!
At the beginning of the month my husband and I went up to Edinburgh to see some of the Fringe Festival. It was great fun and I would recommend it to anyone. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, though it is a bit hilly! Despite the fact it was a quite active holiday, I came back feeling quite refreshed. It was fab to get away from normality for a bit.
Shortly after getting back I started a new beading project. Later in the year an exciting book is being published by Jean Power and Kate McKinnon (with Christina Vandervlist, Dustin Wedekind and Gabriella van Diepen) called "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork". Info about the book can be found on its blog and facebook page. A few of the patterns have been released to people who have preordered the book so we can play with them. I decided to have a go at Christina's Helix Bangle pattern. I changed it a little and made it into a hairclip.
Super exciting news is that its probably going to appear in the book! I emailed Kate and she wants to include it along with my pattern modifications and another version- so guess what I'm currently beading? I'm making 2 more in different sizes and shortly I'll be posting them off to Kate for shooting. I'm VERY excited about this!
Well that's the only bit of creating I finished this month but I have started a few bits in addition to 2 more hairclips. I am probably going to open an etsy shop in the near future selling beading patterns and handmade resin cabochons. I was mostly spurred into the cabochons when a fellow member of OTTBS asked me if I could make her some watch part cabs. I've cast some for her along with more for the shop. They're currently in the sanding/polishing stage.

Something I will be working on after all this is the bead-it-froward quilt project organised by Bead&Button magazine to raise money for breast cancer research. Basically, beaders from all over the world will be creating 1.5" squares of beadwork that will get sewn together in several quilts and be auctioned off. More info about joining in can be found here. OTTBS facebook group has many members who are joining in and they've already produced many squares for the quilts. The organiser of the event has said that our quilts can be kept together, which is fantastic. Plenty of time for you to join in too, either individually or with our group.

Well, sanding and beading is waiting for me so I'm off to make another bucket of tea in preparation. Have a fab September all, whatever you're up to.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

June and July

Hardly any crafting at all happened in June and July. Lost the bug and real life got hectic. I know I didn't make anything at all in July and don't remember completing anything in June. I did go to the fantastic Laura McCabe workshop over at stitch'n'craft towards the end of June but I'll blog about that separately one day.

Hoping my crafting bug is returning now and I'll get back blogging properly too.

PS. Does anyone else find it amusing that blogger's own spell checker doesn't recognise 'blog' and 'blogging' as real words?!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

May Crafting

Well May was not very crafty at all. Lost my creative mojo a bit. I only made 5 pairs of cup studs (that's one day playing with silver and one day playing with resin). Here they all are.

I think I might keep the rainbow bead soup pair. I love making cup studs and finding little bits to put in but I've never kept a pair for myself yet. The ones on the left have pink sugar in them! I was going to make another pair with pressed forget me nots in but unfortunately I left my pressed flowers out in the sun by accident and they've gone brown. Must get on to picking and pressing some more soon... maybe this afternoon.
Still trying to decide what to do with my DamselflyGemma shop. My folksy shop is in holiday mode and I don't know whether I'm going to go back there or try somewhere else. Been pondering this for about 6 months now and just don't know! Now's not really the time to be getting into it though. June is going to be very busy. The maths GCSEs are in just over a week so I'm working the bank holiday and over the rest of half term as some tutees want last minute lessons. After the exams I'll be marking again although I do have the Laura McCabe beading workshop over at stitch'n'craft just inbetween the exams finishing and marking starting. Good timing there!
So with all that gong on in June, I don't think I'll be doing much creating this month (other than the workshop). Have a couple of bits I'd like to try and get done as pressents for people though so hopefully there will be a little more to show you next month even though I'll be busier!
Have a fab June everyone xxx

Edited to add: I did pop out and get some forget me nots so hopefully will be able to make forget me not studs in a couple of months :o)

Friday, 11 May 2012

April Crafting

Yes, I know, this blog post is a fair few days late. Not really been in a crafty/blogging mood recently. I did a little making in April though so here it all is!
I think this necklace was the first make of the month although it does feel like a loooooong time since I crocheted it. Its not on March's roundup post though so I guess it must have been! Very pleased with how this one came out. I was experimenting with beaded crochet to see what I could achieve.
I'm majorly behind on the earring challenge though I did make these. One pair to match the above necklace and one pair for a tutorial. They are basic right-angle-weave beaded beads and you can find the free tutorial for them in my previous post.

More beaded crochet. I made this bangle from the April issue of Beadwork magazine, designed by Linda Lehman. I did have a few difficulties (it kept coming out too small) but got there in the end. Linda produces gorgeous beaded crochet patterns and sells them in her Esty shop. Go see!

I also made five pairs of resin and silver cup studs. I feel its only fair to count one in the OTTBS earring challenge as only one includes beads. I do like making these studs though. It was great to get the silver and resin kit out as it'd been a while. The dark blue star pair were made for a prize in the OTTBS facebook group birthday celebration but the other pairs are available for purchase if anyone wants them. Haven't listed them anywhere yet (still trying to decide what to do with my Damselfly Gemma shop) but give me a shout if you're interested in any.

Hmmm....what else...oh yes, how couple I forget?! I FINALLY finished my skirt (with a lot of help from my lovely friend Jen and her Mummy). I started it before I moved into my current house and we've been living here for 4 years now. It has in fact been hung up in the far end of the lounge waiting to be finished for aaaaaaaaaaaaages. Haven't worn it out yet. Must do that soon :o)

I also made a couple of beaded sunflowers. I started out intending to make something for the OTTBS moodboard challenge but as I was beading it took me in this direction instead. I am planning on writing another blog tutorial for them at some point in the not too distant future so keep an eye out here if you're interested.

And that's it, I think. Looking back through this post makes me feel like I was all productive and stuff :o) Hopefully I'll be back making again soon or May's roundup post will be empty!

Have a fab May everyone, whatever you're up to.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

RAW beaded bead earrings tutorial

I made these earrings earlier this month as part of the OTTBS earring challenge. I was just playing about embellishing right-angle-weave.When I posted them up in the facebook group someone asked about the pattern. I said I'd write it and put it on my blog at some point so here goes! They're easy peasy if you're familiar with the stitch. Hopefully not too tricky if its new to you.

You will need (for 2 earrings- halve them if you only want 1!):
2 x earwires
2 x jumprings (I used 6mm)
12 x 6mm fire polished crystals
6 x 6mm corrugated/fluted metal beads
12 x size 8 seed beads
A sprinkle of size 11 seed beads (I can't be bothered to count how many! As it turns out, a tiny sprinkle more than in the photo below)
Preferred beading thread, thread conditioner, needle

The earrings above are made with AB coated montana blue fire polished crystals, SP corrugated beads and galvanised silver seedies. In the tutorial I am using purple iris fire polish, SP corrugated beads and gunmetal seedies.

Cut and condition some thread. A wingspan of thread should be enough to do both beaded beads although this will depend on how thoroughly you weave in your ends and how long your wingspan is!
Thread one fire polish, one corrugated, one fire polish and one corrugated. Tie into a ring leaving a long enough thread to weave in at the end and then pass the needle through the first two beads you added.

Thread one fire polish, one corrugated and one fire polish. Pass the needle back through the corrugated bead in your first loop that the thread was exiting from in the picture above, to create two rings.

Pass the needle through the first and second beads you added in the step above. Add one fire polish, pass the needle through the 4th bead you added in the first ring (the corrugated one at the end of your row) and add another fire polish.

Pass the needle through the 3rd corrugated bead you added. Basically you have three loops in a triangle.

Pass the needle through the top three fire polished beads, back through a corrugated bead then round the bottom three fire polished beads to strengthen them. Pass the needle through the nearest corrugated bead and add nine size 11s, then through the next corrugated bead in the direction shown. 

Repeat twice more so you have lines of beads between each of the corrugated beads so it looks like this.

Add four beads and pack through the 5th bead in the last set of  nine 11s you just added.

Add four more size 11s and pass the needle through the next corrugated bead to make a cross. Do this twice more to get three crosses around the bead.

You are now going to add the beads on the top and bottom, around the fire polished beads. Thread one size 8, eight size 11s and one size 8. Pass the needle through the next corrugated bead so that the seedies you just added form a semi circle.

Repeat the above step on the other size of the bead but make sure that the bead corrugated you stitch  in is not linked to the semi circle on the other side.

Add one size 8 and four size 11s. Loop the thread round the middle of the semi circle and back through the five beads you just added and the corrugated bead.

The corrugated bead you just passed the needle through will already be linked to a semi circle of seedies on the other side. Pass the needle through the first 8 and the next four size 11s. Add four 11s and an 8 and through the corrugated bead that isn't linked up.

 Basically you're done! Just weave in the ends, tying a few knots as you go. You can go around the thread path to strengthen it if necessary, depending on your tension. Then you just need to add a jumpring and make another.

Here's mine!

Hope this all makes sense (I have a feeling I've waffled a bit!!) and  have fun! I'd love to see what you make with this tutorial! Pop me a link below.


As far as tutorial use goes, you are more than welcome to sell what you make using these instructions but please do not copy this tutorial to redistribute/teach without contacting me. If you wish to share my tutorial, then thanks muchly, but please link people to this post. You have my permission to use an image for the purposes of linking to this tutorial only. For any other use, please contact me.  

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March Crafting

Hello lovely readers. Hope you all had a fab March.
Mine was busy with GCSE marking so I didn't get a huge amount of crafting done. Here's what I did make though.

If you read my last post, this will be familiar. I completed my finish-along project by adding 8s to the edges and taking out some of the short rows to change it into a tightly fitting bracelet with a clasp. This makes it much harder for the rows to slip under each other. Thanks everyone for all their suggestions as to how to solve this problem. I'll hopefully make some earrings soon to match with the beads I took out. I'm calling it 'Twinsmaille' and I will prob write a blog tutorial at some point if you're interested in how its made.

Continuing with my beaded crochet I made this rhodonite chip bracelet. This one has a clasp. I made it a bit tight by accident so may see about changing the clasp to one slightly bigger or adding some domed copper ends or something. Not sure.

I also made these earrings. The design is by Tracey Crystal Gwilliams. Tracey offered it for free on her facebook page for March (there's a new freebie for April) but you can buy it over on her website here. They are for week 10 of the earring challenge and I also submitted them for the OTTBS moodboard challenge....and super exciting....I won!!! I got these great beads form Rachel of RB Beads.

You know what's fantastic about the OTTBS moodboard challenge? It doesn't matter how experienced you are at beading, everyone has an equal chance of winning (or slightly better chance if you include the twist). Fancy entering this month- check out the moodboard for this month.

And that's the lot, for March. I'm now 4 weeks behind on the earring challenge, oooops! I want to make matching earrings to both the above bracelets and I'm also planning on joining in the finish-a-long again with a bangle from beadwork that I started a few months ago.

Happy April creating everyone!