Sunday, 28 February 2010

Organisation and too many projects

Over the past few weeks I've not been feeling particularly crafty but have been spending some time trying to organise myself. Over the years I have subscribed on and off to various magazines and have collected loads of craft books. I decided to cut out all the projects I'm interested in (from mags NOT books) and any inspirational pics I like too. I now have 3 leaver arch files full of projects I want to have a go at (2 that are mostly beading/jewellery making and 1 that is all sorts of crafty goodness). I also have a few notebooks with my ideas and inspirational clips and dread to think how many projects I have saved on my computer. Craft book wise, I have a 6' shelf practically filled.

Somehow I don't think I need to buy any more craft books or mags for the next few millenia......even if there is some fantastic new technique that NEEDS to be tried. I haven't tried all the fanastic old techniques I already have. Save your pennies Gemma and don't renew your subscriptions when they come up- you dont need more projects!!

And don't get me started on supplies....maybe I should have joined Vonnie's Craft Neutral challenge?

Friday, 26 February 2010

Celtic Pendant

A friend of mine saw the celtic style pendant I made for Kirsty for Christmas (this one) and he really liked it. He asked me if I could have a go at making a disc pendant for him. He needs one for car racing or something. Apparently he needs a metal pendant with his name and blood group on the back!! I was up for the challenge. I got to try out my new disc cutter and I also used sheet silver for the first time. I've had a bit for a while but was too scared to use it.

I saw Steve when I went to London and he liked it (phew!) Mind you, I told him it wasn't going too well and he said,he'd wear it even if it was #*^$, so who knows what he really thinks of it?

............Drum roll please......

Its not perfect by any stretch but I was quite pleased with the end results. It started out as a 1mm thick approx 1 inch diameter circle. The knotwork was done by bending one long piece of wire using a jig to help sometimes. It then got hammered and soldered it on. I decided it needed a twisty frame so added that (tricky bit). Into the liver of sulphur and polished and then forgetting that it needed a bail so made one of those somehow... My rotary tool gave up so had to use my little twisty drill which took nearly forever. The bail was a bent strip of silver with some wire soldered on.

As a complete aside, crafting is on the back burner for a bit. Life a bit extra neurotic atm. I'll catch up eventually with forums, blog posts and my own crafty backlog.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

London, baby!!

I'm off to London for a few days to visit some friends and a bit of window shopping! Maybe a trip to the West End too. Tomorrow I'm thinking I might go to the V&A for inspiration for jewellery designs. Fri will be spent NOT spending money in Camden! Yay!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Dragon beads and silver heart pendant

I've not done much recently. Been snowed under at work and also not been too well. I'm waaaaaay behind with reading blog posts and forums. Will maybe catch up .....eventually.....
Did have a crafty day at a friends last Sun though and made a couple more Christi Friesen inspired dragon beads. Also made a simple heart pendant for the cooksongold forum challenge. Here're the results