Friday, 2 August 2013

July crafting

Hello lovely readers. I hope you are all well. I am not too bad. Feeling increasingly lumpy and not long to go now. Readers from the UK will know we had some rather warm weather in July. Lovely for some but not so much when you're 7-8months pregnant! I've been melting somewhat.

I did very little creating in July. I started a few bits but have not been in a very crafty mood. Heat and sciatica (thankfully, eased now) did not help matters. I think the only things I competed in July were a little baby hat, some resin cabochons (a custom order) and three pairs of stud earrings that have been almost finished for some time now!

Here's the baby hat I knitted. It's far from perfect but I'm sure baby wont mind! I need more practice knitting in the round with dp needles. My tension in ok on the needle changeovers for the knit stitches but very loose on the purl rows. Ah well, never mind. I like the colour of the yarn! The free pattern is by Ulli S. Shibuya.

The cabochons I made were a commission. I was contacted through my facebook page and asked if I could make 5 watch part cabs with a black/very dark green background. After some discussion, we decided to use black resin with a hint of green mica (well eyeshadow actually!) Here is the result. The cabs are now winging their way to Australia. I hope my customer likes them!

The final thing I competed in July (I think) were these resin studs. They all feature a single dandelion seed tip and are backed with black resin. It was a bit of an experiment really but I do like the results. I'd like to do some in other colours at some point. These are technically for sale but I haven't gotten round to listing them anywhere yet.

I think that's everything I finished in July. I have already finished 2 things in August though so maybe I'll have a more creative month. There's lots I still want to make before baby arrives and I've only got approx 6 weeks till my due date. Eeek! Better get making!

Have a fab August everyone.