Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fantasy creatures: craft swap sign up

Welcome to my first ever craft swap!! I've been wanting to host one for a while now so here goes...

I love fantasy!! Books, movies, artwork, clothing....all things fantasy really. My favourite fantasy creatures are dragons. For this swap you will make your partner some kind of fantasy creature. There's all sorts you could choose from: nymphs, faeries, trolls, sprites, gnomes, hydras, mermaids, unicorns, banshees, succubus, vampires, werewolves, gremlins, elementals, orcs, yetis, centaurs, griffins, phoenix, sasquatch, cthulhu, monsters,.......anything goes!

Who wants in? This will be open internationally so do let me know if you would prefer to post to the UK only. As a minimum you will be required to make your partner some form of fantasy creature creation and also send them a few crafty goodies. If you want to do more then feel free. The deadline for sign ups will be Friday 9nd July. I'll get your partners details out to you by Monday 12th and then you'll have until the end of August to post out your parcels. Nice long time to think and create- what with it being the summer hols.

If you want in then please email me (gkessel [at] mail [dot] com) the following information. (If you could pop 'fantasy swap' in the message subject bit it will make my life easier.)

Blog/shop/twitter address:
Likes/Dislikes (including allergies!):

I've already set up a flickr group for us all to use to share our creations and for inspiration. So far there's the blog button and dragons I've previously made in there. If you're after further inspiration, have a look at the Folksy Friday I did last week. I've also set up a discussion topic in the flickr group to share links to amazing inspiration if you happen to find any.

Sign up is now closed.

ps. Thanks to Vonnie for her wonderful blog post about how to organise a swap.

pps. Have you entered my giveaway yet?


Nanuk Jewellery said...

I'm coming off the computer now, but just wanted to quickly say that I am interested, and will send you my details over the next couple of days!!

LoveHector said...

Hello! I'm interested. Will send details next time I'm on-line. Sounds like fun!!


katha said...

Hello! My name is Kate. I'm from Hungary. Happy to join! I love fantasy and I love a gift!
Sending email soon :)
Thank you! Have nice day!!

Gemma said...

The more the merrier- everyone welcome just don't forget to send me your details by 9th July

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