Sunday, 31 October 2010

October Folkfest: Days twenty-eight to thirty-one

Last four days of the October Folkfest listing club. Roll on November Sparks! I've been listing everyday since the beginning of June now! (Well ish- I ocassionally didn't list but I made sure I caught up or posted extra in advance if I knew I'd be too busy to list!) These listing clubs have really boosted my sales. I began listing very nearly 6 months ago now but didn't have a single sale until I joined in the June loons. My folksy sales score now stands at 28 but in reality it is higher as I've also had to delist things for friends who spotted them on folksy but wanted to pay cash.

Here's what I listed in the last four days of October:

And three pretties each day from other fantabulous Festers. As ever, click on the pics to be taken to the sellers' shops to find out more.

The Little Bead Box; Maxine Veronica Jewellery; Lilly's Night Garden

NOfkants Curios; Jessicas Jotters; PyroAngel's Sweet Trinkets

Creative Knits; createdbycarole; Pants and Paper

Dottie Designs; Ann Chandler Originals; Steampunk Storm

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Folksy Friday: Maths is fun!

So much maths tutoring going on in my life at the mo that its the only thing on my mind! So...a maths themed Folksy Friday...enjoy! (Quite chuffed that the first item to show up in folksy when searching for 'maths' is my pair of maths teacher earrings!)

Equations cufflinks by Bookity; Fun with shapes by One more time, please!;
Calculator iPhone case by CrankCases; Red/white dice kit by Curious Designs;
Numbers by Made with Tender Loving Care; Count with me by Indira Albert.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

October Folkfest: Days twenty-five to twenty-seven

Still super busy so just a quick post. My listings...

And three goodies each day from other festers. Click on the pics to find out more...

Audrey's Cat, Chasing Beads, Astrid's Garden

Milliebead, Funky Cinderella, Painted Ghost

Iyobo Design, Sarah's Jewellery Designs, girlybunches

Monday, 25 October 2010

October Folkfest: Days twenty-two to twenty-four

I am soooooooooooooooo behind with my blog reading. I love reading all your blogs but I follow so many that I usually have at least 50 new posts to read each day in google reader. Tutoring has really picked up recently which is great for the pennies but not so good for the promoting and reading and making. I have loads of resin work to be sanded. Doesnt take long to mix it up and pour into mould etc but the sanding takes ages. Better try and find time for it though as have a couple of craft fairs coming up soon and I'm running out of things I made for the zoo. I wont be able to list every day at the rate I'm going without better time management.

Anyway, enough rambling and excuses. Here's my october Folkfest listings. These unusual earrings are all made from pieces of black feathers suspended in clear epoxy resin.

And three favourites each day from other fantabulous festers. As ever, click on the pics to be taken to the sellers' shops to find out more. No particular theme today, just things that caught my eye...

Heirloom Bunting; moody cow designs; jcu designs

Dottie Designs; Lemonade and Lamingtons; FloralGifts4U

NOfkantsCurios; UniquelyYours; Diggi Woodturning

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fantasy Creature Swap round up

Back in July I tried to organise a fantasy creature swap. I don't know if I picked the wrong time of year or whether the topic was uninteresting but I only had 3 people sign up by the deadline. As one was from the US, I took that and gave the 2 British girlies to each other. A Hungarian asked to join in after the deadline. I decided to let her join in and partnered her with me too.

The two British girlies were Louise of Nanuk Jewellery and Hannah of Squintessential, both fellow folksy sellers. Hannah makes gorgeous fantasy themed jewellery from silver clay and Hannah makes all sorts of quirky and fun jewellery (but I know from facebook is a fantasy nut!)

To see the gorgeous dragon pendant and wolf and other goodies that Louise sent Hannah click here.

To see the yummy beaded dragon set Hannah sent Louise click here.

Sorry to report that for me came disappointment. Despite several email reminders etc I have heard nothing at all from the two international participants since I allocated swap partners. Oh well. I'm not naming and shaming or anything but it has put me off organising a swap in the future- and if I do I prob wont have it open internationally. At least it was only me who lost out not others.

Well, this is what I sent to them. I made them both polymer clay dragon pendants (which were inspired by the work of Christi Friesen after reading her fab book).

Maybe the goodies never arrived- which would explain why I never heard from them- although I did email them to let them know I had posted them.