Friday, 10 June 2011

Folksy Friday: June Bugs

Very busy here and not had the time to do the big blog posts I usually so at the beginning of the week supporting the June Bugs- this month's Folksy listing club. Sorry folks. Must try harder.

Here is a small selection of the wonderful goodies listed by the talented June Bugs yesterday. Hope you like my selections.

Gelert Design; Eccentric Ella;
Diomo Glass; Polly Purple Horse Crafts;
Moody Cow Designs; Dottery Pottery.

Here's a blog hop too if you fancy joining in! Enter your Folksy Friday links.

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Folksy Friday: Maths Exams!

So on Monday and next Friday morning thousands of 16 year olds will be taking their GCSE maths exams and from Wed I will start marking! Eek! First year being a GCSE marker. I maybe disappearing of the face of the planet until 4th July (when I'm supposed to be finished). My tutees are well prepared and they all should get good grades.

As its on my mind a fair bit I though I'd do a maths and exam themed Folksy Friday. Hope you like my choices. As always, click on the photos to go to the sellers' shops and find out more about these fab handmade goodies.

wall envy art; Vintage Dreams;; LaurasJewellery
Temporal Flux; plain primitives

I have attempted to set up a FF blog hop. The get the code button doesn't give you the code to this hop- it lets you set up your own. You *may* be able to display the hop using this code:
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If you use it and it works can you let me know please!!