Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June Loons: day one

Arrgh....accidently deleted today's post. Ooops!
Hmmm....what did I say? I know I had some lovely comments too that have been lost in the ether. Never mind...

The loony month begins. I am going to aim to post each day about yesterday's listings- what I listed and my favourite three items from other fantastic folksy sellers.
Here's my listing- sterling silver and Swarovski crystal heart hoop earrings.

I definately noticed the benefits of joining in this madness as these hoops are my most viewed item in my entire shop and someone has even favourited them! Haven't had any sales yet but fingers crossed...

And my 3 favourites from other sellers...(click on the pics to find out more).

Hand knitted and crocheted handbag by NOfkants Curios; Purple Pansy Fascinator by Imogens Imagination; Birthday Card by Spotty N Stripy


NOfkantsCurios said...

I've done that too! You're not a numpty, but you are a June Loon!

I love your eye for colour in combining your chosen items and thank you for featuring my little handbag.

Natalie x

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