Monday, 24 May 2010

Recycled dangly earrings

A few years ago I went to a bead fair and picked up some lovely sky blue 'vintage' beads from a seller who specialises in reclaimed beads (I can't remember who though-wish I could.) I combined them with some broken bits of snake chain to make these earrings. Pretty easy to make too. Take pieces of snake chain and individually heat the ends with a blow torch until they ball up. Pickle and rinse. Pop on the beads and VERY carefully solder the other ends of the snake chain to a ring. Pickle and rinse again and polish then pop onto earwires.

For a while they've been sitting here next to me while I decide whether to keep them or sell them. Well, I've now decided. If you want them then you can find them on Folksy.

Haven't done any extra on the fold forming mentioned in the previous post but will do soon.


Shpangle said...

I love the use of reclaimed and recycled objects in jewellery so well done you!


Anonymous said...

I love the technique, I should get you to write a tutorial for the magazine ;)

Gemma said...

Thanks guys :oD
Eeek! Thats a bit scary Kerry! I've never written a tutorial before.

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