Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fold Formed Earrings

Well I've finished the fold formed earrings I was talking about in this post. My first attempt at fold forming and I think I'm hooked. Its a fair bit of effort but the results are well worth it. I decided to have a go at fold forming after being inspired by Nicci on the cookson gold forum in this post. Thanks for being a wonderful muse Nicci.


They are made from 0.5mm sterling silver sheet and 4mm garnet beads. I haven't decided whether I'm keeping them or selling them yet. Do you like them?


Shpangle said...

Really like them! I wouldn't know where to start making something like that...well done!


Gemma said...

Thanks Mick. I could say exactly the same about your wonderful work.
The process isn't complicated but it takes a while and is hard work physically (for this little weakling anyway)
You fold a sheet of silver however you like (these were concertina folded) and hammer the folds with a cross pein hammer or something similar. (I haven't got a cross pein hammer. I used a hammer on a screw driver and also hammered using the claw end!)
The silver work hardens quickly when folding so you have to anneal repeatedly to make it soft enough to carry on folding.
Then comes the hard work part....unfold! Sounds easy but really wasn't.

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