Sunday, 23 May 2010

Facebook Fan page and Fold Forming

Good morning everyone on this glorious day. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

A couple of days ago I made a business page for my jewellery on Facebook. Its here if you want to have a look and 'like' me. :o)

So far this weekend I've been playing with foldforming. On the cooksongold jewellery making forum we set challenges every month to get our creative juices flowing and this month is 'muse'. I was inspired by someones work on the forum but its down at the mo so I can't say who..... Hopefully the forum will be back up later and I can show you all my muse and, when they're finished, the earrings I've made. I say later... it may not be today as I have some proper work to do and I might just have to go out and enjoy the sunshine rather than play with silver.


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