Friday, 21 May 2010

BIG folksy Friday

I can't stop giggling. I placed an order with Cooksongold the other day to get some more gold for Mum's pearls. (It was M&D's 30th wedding anniversary in Sept and Dad got Mum some lovely burgundy, temporary strung pearls for her to do whatever she wants with them. I've already strung a classic knotted style necklace for her but the next one is going to be pearls suspended on twisted gold when done.) Well, as I was putting an order in anyway, I thought I'd get a bar of tripoli for me. I already have a bar of rouge for the final polishing stages but didn't have any tripoli for the initial polishing stages (I've been using wet&dry sandpaper). I assumed the tripoli would be pretty much the same as the rouge...

Hence the giggles!

Well, with that in mind I thought I'd have a large item Folksy Friday. Click on the images to go to the shops selling these wonderful handmade goodies.


Red button necklace by Heroine Industries; Red and cream fascinator by Rachel Wykes;
Photograph, windmill in winter by Jane Broster Art; Butterfly ring by Lilypickle;
Enormous tote bag by ToadybobbinsJelutong by Woodwose Carving and Crafts


gtlady said...

You made your poor postman lug that brick around, you'll be lucky to get any more post!!!

Love your montage gone large, wish I could carry off a head piece like that though!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

wow it looks like a huge bar of chocolate!

Gemma said...

Heehee! It came via courier so my postman was saved.
Curse you vV! I haddn't noticed it looked like its all I can see. Maybe I should have some lunch to take my mind off it.

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