Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Marwell sneak preview (and end of August A-Team)

On Friday and Sat this week I'm heading to Marwell wildlife for my little stall of recycled goodies. I've been very busy making and planning displays etc. Thought you might like a sneaky preview of what I've been up to! Lots of bits and pieces in resin!

First of all, my fossil shell jewellery. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that the fossil shells are the reason I dabbled in (and got hooked on) resin in the first place. Marwell is going to be the day I launch the range! (Because as Natalie says, "You can't get more recycled than millions of years old!") All my fossil resin jewellery will have sterling silver findings. There will be more than in this picture, but basically there will be lots of earrings, some necklaces/pendants and a bangle.

Next, pressed flowers in resin. Some of these flowers are from my own collection and some were very kindly given to me by Kaz of buteartism. Again, more to come.

Next, fabric scraps in resin. When I was looking for fabric for my wedding dress I got a lot of tiny fabric samples. I didn't throw then away and now I've found a use for them! Again, more to come.

And finally (of the resin ranges), greetings card cuttings in resin! A fair few keyrings but a couple of pairs of earrings too.

Still have LOADS on the to do list. I have lots of broken jewellery that I want to make new jewellery out of and I also want to make fabric roses out of some old shirts for brooches or maybe fascinators. Plus I have lots of printing to do. Boxes and business cards etc. Plus I've been asking around on the folksy and crafteroo forums for pictures of people's recylced creations. I'm going to have a little display area with pictures of lovely goodies for inspiration and advertising. I'll be popping their details on the pictures and let people take them away if they're interested. I also have a great pot cover crocheted out of cassette tape by Jane of Hooked Yarn and a bag made by me out of those beaded car seat covers from the 70s (display only items).

Prob wont be blogging again until after the zoo. Much much much to do! Plus I'm tutoring as well. On that note, I'm temporarily bowing out of the list a day folksy challenge. I did manage to list 31 items this month (well...ish. Yesterday I listed two pairs of different coloured earrings in one listing to save me 20p) I'll catch up next week because I'm sure I wont sell everything at the zoo! These are my end of August listings.


JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Wow! They are lovely. I hope you do really well.

Love Jacqueline x

Sam said...

Your fossil jewellery is beautiful - but then, so is all the rest :-)
Have a great time at the zoo - I hope it goes really well.

Sam x

The Hippy Hen said...

Lovely stuff! The pressed flowers look great as earrings! So pleased that you could put them to good use!

Anonymous said...

wow great things, you doing a lot of resin, which I really love! good luck :)

gtlady said...

What fabulous stuff, I love the delicate colours in the fossil jewellery and the bright range of recycled card bits - you are going to have a fantastic day!

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