Thursday, 5 August 2010

August A-Team: Days one to five

Didn't manage the last couple of days of July Jesters or the first day of the new months list a day challenge, the August A-Team, as I was at old college friends' wedding. Still playing catch up, but one bit of good news id I sold the forget me not earrings I mention in my previous post. Yay! Bit busy this week as Phil has taken the week off and I'm away again this weekend as a friend and I have decided to do our first craft fair and we need to get planning.

Here's what I've listed so far as a A-Teamer.

And here are a few favourites from other sellers over the last few days...(click on the pics to find out more).


Indira albert said...

Lovely collection, thanks for featuring my enormous hippo.

Chasing Beads said...

Love your butterflies - but you knew that anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blue blob necklace. Some great choices. Good luck with the A team.apryl from bluedaisyglass

MissBohemia said...

Wow Gemma, I love your butterfly and your musical pendants - so beautiful!

Great choices from other folksy artist too :-)

NoodleBubble said...

oooh...thanks for featuring my cheshire cat (as noodleBubble)...and my deliciously inedible doughnuts (as The Button Fairy)

Hope its going well for everyone? Good Luck at the Craft Fair - looking forward to hearing how it goes ♥

Bliss Knits said...

Thanks for featuring my love birds, Gemma!

Some lovely, varied picks there, and your butterfly necklaces are really unusual and very stylish.

Good luck with the rest of August!

Sharon x

Sam said...

Lovely picks - lots of my favourites (although that list is very long!!)

Sam x (A Simple Melody)

BaggieAggie said...

A wonderful eclectic selection - my poor old wish list is groaning under its weight!

Esme Dodsworth said...

lovely picks, your butterflies are lovely :-)

gtlady said...

I'm loving those butterflys - good luck with the craft fair too x

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