Friday, 3 September 2010

Quick Marwell update

I'm a little sun frazzled after my day at Marwell today despite the sun block. Not amazingly busy but quite a few people were very interested- they just didn't buy much! 5 sales in total for the day. 3 were mine (a bag charm, a pressed flower necklace and a fabric brooch I made whilst sat there), 1 was a bag from Nat (O'Blue) and one was a bag from my friend Jen (who will be putting things in her empty folksy shop one day soon...maybe!). People were VERY impressed with Jane's (Hooked Yarn) plastic Morrison's carrier bag yarn crocheted brooches.

I have taken pics of the stall but bit shattered to do anything other than a quick update. I'll do a proper blog post about the event sometime Sun or maybe during the week. I have a big sign printed by the zoo! I've never had a sign before!! Very exciting! I must remember to take a picture of that tomorrow...

And if you're around- come visit me tomorrow. I'm up near the red pandas. Whilst you are browsing my goodies your small hangers on can make an animal out of srcap or listen to a story. Or why not have a smoothie blended by pedal bike power!!! (That's funny to sit and watch whilst I'm making)


NOfkantsCurios said...

Well done for flying the flag for recycling anf for folksy!

Hope Saturday is a better day for you.

Natalie x

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