Wednesday, 25 August 2010

August A-Team: Days twenty-three to twenty-five

I'm still keeping up with the A-Team despite the creating for the zoo next week. These are my listings from the last 3 days. Experiments with resin!

And three favourites each day from other fantabulous A-Teamers.


NOfkantsCurios said...

Yummy choices! Especially love the lava and copper earrings.

Natalie x

Womble said...

Lovely choices, many thanks for featuring my 'Blue Sun' Bracelet :o) xXx

Jesselula said...

Awesome little collection there! I'm so glad you liked my bracelet :)

Anonymous said...

thank you Gemma for featuring my little purses,some great choices ,love the Blue Sun bracelet and the lava and copper ear rings am also liking your experiments with resin !!
Trish x

MissBohemia said...

Loving your new resin designs especially the Card keyrings.

Thanks so much for including my Wolf necklace with such a great collection!

Minky Magic said...

wow, what a great achievement. Keep on making! Marie x

Pretty Things said...

Those are so cool! I have all the stuff to work with resin but have I tried it? No! I'm chicken. Not sure why.

Bliss Knits said...

Your card keyrings are so sweet! I've always been fascinated with resin; looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

Wow, and thanks for featuring two of my makes (cupcake charms from The Needle Works and fingerless mitts from Bliss Knits).

Good luck with the last few days of the A-teamers!

Sharon x

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