Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beaded musings

Hello lovely readers. Hope you are all well today :o) Its been a while since I posted about anything other than the folksy listing clubs. I've just checked- it was May with this post about my beadbusting goals. (If you're interested, they didn't go spectacularly well! I did enter the moodboard but my Anemone Cuff did not get completed. I still haven't finished it- really should get on and do that).

Well anyway, the point of this post....
Last month Operation Tackle that Bead Stash had a fab moodboard with gorgeous colours of purple, blue and turquoise green. You can check out all the lovely entries here. My entry was a little late (oops) but this is what I produced. It's a choker mostly in herringbone stitch. The different sized beads make it curve.

Now I like this a lot. Love the colours etc but the prob is, the size 12, delicas and 15s make it curve too much. I have a skinny neck but really it wants to be bracelet sized so it just doesn't lie flat against the neck. I thought I could get a way with it but the more I try it on the more I think not. I've made a couple of these before but must have misremembered the bead sizes. Have to dig out the others to see what I used.

The upshot is, I think I'll be taking it apart and remaking it once I have the same beads in the right size. So, what should I do with these ones? I have more of the purple and blue but mot many of the turquoise left so whatever I do with them it can't be much bigger. I love the colour combination though so would like to reuse them as they are.

I've had some thoughts. I could cut it into pieces and make a bracelet (or possibly choker if I have enough) along the lines of this.

Or, maybe.. this.
I was twisting it and liked what happened. I think I could produce something like this with tubular peyote...or maybe beaded crochet although I do find that quite tricky.

What do you think?

Oh and do stop by OTTBS and check out this month's moodboard. Liz picked gorgeous colours!


Squintessential said...

Oooh Gemma it looks lovely! Love the colour combination.

I'm in awe of anyone who can do intricate beading.

I do like the twisty style would work well on bracelets I think. :)


NEDbeads said...

The twisty one is awesome, but I really like the serpentine look of the over and under curls, too.... what a hard choice!!! Good luck with it, it's a lovely combination of beads!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! The colours work so well together. I think the twist is so lovely.

I don't know how anyone has the patience to work with seed beads! lol!

Sarah xx

SimJaTa said...

You must have excellent eyes Gemma, I have done a bit with seed beads for brooches and have to say I find it very difficult.

I love your creations, have you thought about brooches with them?


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! I made a bracelet that's similar to what you're going for- I totally need to write it as a tutorial for Crafteroo magazine! Anyways if you brick stitch rows of 3-5 seed beads into a thin strip, repeat 3 times and then attach them togehter at the top by going through a few rows, you can then brid and fasten at the end in the same way. i think I then put a press stud fastener on- we're taking 10 years ago but I remember it vividly, maybe I still have it somewhere...

Gemma said...

Thanks Kerry! I can't quite get my head around what you're on about but will look out for it in the mag soon

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