Sunday, 18 September 2011

Folksy Changes

Many readers will be aware of the recent changes over on folksy. A couple of weeks ago, they announced 'clarification' to their T&Cs. Unfortunately, this clarification was not particularly clear and it lead to many many people (myself included) emailing support to ask if our items were allowed to be sold. Sadly, many people were told their items were not appropriate as they were not handmade enough.

Understandably, this caused a lot of anger. People who spent hours designing and making their creations, and who have been selling on folksy for months/years, are no longer deemed appropriate. Whilst 'inappropriate' items are allowed to remain until 1st November, many sellers have already left the site. It's not just the shops directly affected either. Many sellers have left in support.

Folksy say that these terms were in place from its launch but admit that they have not policed them very well. I accept that they are allowed to stipulate whatever rules they want regarding the items for sale on their site but in my opinion they have not helped the situation at all by making some extremely insensitive comments about affected sellers on twitter and by being inconsistent with their rulings (at least it seems that way to me). Sadly, speculation and even nastiness from some sellers on the forums has made matters worse.

I am saddened by what has happened to my once beloved selling platform. I'm further saddened by the mass exodus of so many talented people. Fortunately, there is now a place for people affected by these events. The fab diddybears has set up webpages on her site called 'Supporting Handmade However its Made.' Here you can find links to fantastically talented crafters, many of whom have left Folksy for good. If you have been affected, then you can apply to advertise on the site for free until the end of this year.

For the moment I am staying where I am as its the only selling platform working for me. I am nervous though that the T&Cs will be 'clarified' again and suddenly I'll become inappropriate too. I'm giving serious thought to other places. This is only a hobby for me and I don't really want to spread out all over the place as it'd be hard to manage. Much deliberation is required before I decide what's right for me. I wish every success to those who have left/are leaving. I hope you are all massively successful in whatever you are now choosing to do.



Lynne's Pattern Parlour said...

Good luck Gemma - I haven't been on folksy for ages and have only just picked up on all this. I hope things work out well for you for the future, Lynne x

Baban Cat said...

This is a difficult situation for everyone. I've stayed away from the threads because of all the calling out.
We all, in different ways, produce out items with mass produced material. I'm not going to start growing my own cotton!
I'm staying until my items delist and then close up.
Good luck!

Heather Leavers said...

You're right, the nastiness has been a real shame. There are plenty of other marketplaces though, I've always sold more on Etsy and have just started a payvment shop on facebook which will (I hope) eventually cover anyone who wants to buy in £££. I don't spin my own yarn... like Baban Cat says!

SimJaTa said...

Great post Gemma, I am sad too I enjoyed my time on Folksy, but the majority of the good people I met there have now been forced to leave or are leaving. The rules are totally inconsistant, I could go on but you already told it how it is.

I was going to just let me items delist, but will be moving them over to Etsy in the next couple of months.

take care,
Lynda x

Gemma said...

Thank you for your comments Lynne, Baban Cat, Heather and Lynda.

There are still lots of lovely people remaining on Folksy and it is a real shame that the nastiness may drive away customers. I really hope it stops soon.

I have just started using twitter, mainly so I can keep track of all you lovely people who are leaving. Folksy will be a poorer place without you.

gtlady said...

Hi Gem, I'm sorry its all getting a bit horrid, I think you explained it very well, I had no idea what was going on. It does seem a good idea in principle but they don't seem to have handled it very well.
Glad you're sticking with it, looking forward to seeing your new bits, Jane

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