Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A-Listers Finale

Its the last day of the August daily listing club over on Folksy. I apologise for my lack of blogging about the club. For over half the month I was on tally and happy dancing duty though. Towards the end of this month I've been busy with new students. (Last year's GCSE students did really well and I'm very proud of them!)

August has been a quiet month for the listers. Its due to be busy again in September though. I thought I'd do a finale post of everything listed today. At the mo, this post is a work in progress...


Esme Dodsworth said...

lovely items, I am always amazed by how much talent there is on the monthly listing thread :-)

SimJaTa said...

Great items for the last day, they look even better all displayed together, what a very talented lot we all are on Folksy.

Thank you for including my mobile case today Gemma.

Lynda x

Ello Design said...

Sorry its so late but thanks for including my print in this lovely selection! :)

Leanne x x

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