Friday, 24 September 2010

Folksy Friday: I'm late!!

I'm late with my September Stars blogging....AGAIN!! In honour of this fact I thought I'd look for folksy items to do with 'lateness' :o)

Sorry I forgot card by Gingerbred; "I'm late, I'm late" resin brooch by Nelli D;
Alice in Wonderland Artwork by wall envy art; White rabbit pendant and watch necklace by Scrummy Beads;
The eleventh hour by Always Picture Perfect; Save the date postcards by Craftypagan Designs.


Sam said...

Lovely selection - love the "sorry I forgot" card. I need that a lot ;-)

Sam x

NoodleBubble said...

Thank you for the linky dink.

Have a good w'end


made by lolly x said...

...but you were so early last week! I love the theme and all your selections!

Miss Mary Elliott said...

I know how you feel! great selection of goodies :)

CourtandSpark said...

tut tut ;) ...but I guess your selections make up for it(!)

Anonymous said...

Great theme, love your picks. The nellie card is so cute!
Cate xx

NOfkantsCurios said...

I also need a sorry its late card, I am always finding I am late for some event or other!

Great theme Gemma!

Natalie x

ginger bred said...

Hey Gemma!

Thanks so much for featuring my card in your collection!! You've found some great items.


MissBohemia said...

:-) Great blog post & I love the Alice reference!

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