Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pincushion swap goodies

Yesterday the postman arrived with my pincushion swap goodies from Vonnie. Yay! The timing was almost perfect, in that I was just about to leave the house. Good in that I didn't miss the postie and bad because I didn't have time to open it before I had to go off to tutoring! Arrrgh!!

But a couple of hours later I was back and tearing open my exciting packet! I'm such a lucky girl. Vonnie was so generous!
Here's my wonderful pincushion. Its so me!

Look at the pins too. Aren't they cute :o)

Vonnie also sent me this stunning needle case. Its so amazing! The work she put into it. Look inside too! Cute little buttons, pins and some needles in the back.

She also sent me a piece of Alice in Wonderland fabric. I love it! How shall I use it? Hmmm.....

Not just all those lovely goodies but even more. I also got some funky over knee socks and some yummy chocs (that are being eaten right now as I type). The biggest question is, do I add the socks to my ever growing pile of over the knee stripy socks or do I save them and make a sock creature out of them?

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Vonnie!!!!

Now for the goodies I sent Vonnie (her parcel arrived yesterday too). I made a patchwork tortoise. He ended up a bit big so I hope Vonnie has LOTS of pins. I popped some lavender in to. Maybe a bit too much actually as I kept sneezing when I was sewing him up! I also sent her a pack of pins&needles, some random fibres and buttons from my stash and of course, some chocolate too.

Close up of the tortoise. I popped in some green pins too.

I had great fun in this swap. Thanks again Vonnie for being a fantastic swap partner and thanks Claire for organising the swap. If you want to see what Vonnie thought of the swap then check out her blog post here.

Oh and if anyone is interested I could probably be persuaded to write up a tortoise pattern. Let me know if you want one. I wont bother if not though!!


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

what a lovely swap - both ways - such goodies!

Vonnie said...

Thanks ever so much Gemma! I remember you saying at Christmas that you like socks and love purple so I had to get those for you. I definitely vote for a sock animal if you already have loads of stripy socks, I bet they'd make a lovely monkey ;)

MitziMakes said...

Wow what amazing gifts!! I love your tortoise - what a cutie!

ClaireP said...

Such wonderful parcels! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the swap :D
I"d vote for a tortoise tutorial - he's fab!

Purple Sparkle said...

Hi Gemma!
What lovely swap packages! That Alice fabric is amazing!
I'll keep you posted about the vintage dress ;-)

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