Friday, 16 April 2010

Kitty swap sent

I've sent my kitty swap off to Jo (as organised by Spoiltpig). However I'm not showing you any pics yet as I don't want to spoil the to tide you over until the parcel arrives at its new home...some cat pics. These big cats were taken by my Dad last year at Marwell zoo. If you want to see other pics he took or these pics in higher quality then pop over to his website.

They are: amur leopard; snow leopard; amur tiger; and cheetah.


MitziMakes said...

You have been busying swapping! I'm very excited to post mine off tomorrow :)

gtlady said...

Wow, your dad is a good photographer!
Thanks for your comments re my blog, this craft neutral thing is a pain sometimes! Luckily I sold a couple of things so I could buy some wool, and I'm not including charity shop thrifting as counting (!) but you do get a fab sense of acheivment getting through your stash though!

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