Thursday, 22 April 2010

Kitty swap goodies

Yay! The postman delivered my kitty swap goodies from Jo this morning and look what I got.

Lots of purply goodies (my fav colour is purple); sticky pearls; cheerful ribbon; a colourful hama bead coaster; and the gorgeous Tinkerbell! The hama bead coaster is now sitting in my conservatory. A sunny coaster for a sunny room. The other goodies will be added to my card making stash. Very useful bits there.
Look how cute Tinkerbell is. She's sooooooooooooo soft too!

Thanks muchly Jo!

The kitty swap goodies I sent up to Jo have also arrived so I can show you all what I sent her. She doesn't have a cat so the goodies were all for her. Her main present was a pair of leopard skin agate silver earrings.

The design is based on the type I made for me for my wedding.I plaited three different lengths of silver wire and popped the beads on the ends. I had pearls not leopard beads though! Leopard skin agate is so unreal. Its hard to believe that nature can create something like that.

After I'd made the earrings I decided that they weren't "kitty enough" so I decided to crochet an amigurumi cat. I'm only a beginner at crochet so I didn't make up my own pattern. I found a great, free, simple pattern online. Its by Suzy Alise and can be found here. I intended to crochet out of fluffy yarn for a fluffy kitty but it went horribly wrong! Turns out I CANNOT crochet with fluffy yarn! I'm on a lavender kick at the mo so popped some lavender in as I was stuffing it.

Seen as though I couldn't crochet a fluffy cat I thought I would send Jo some fluffy yarn. I also sent her some brightly coloured pipe cleaners and some ribbons. Hopefully she can find a good use for them in her sock creature creations or something.

I really enjoyed making the bits for this swap so thanks Jo for being a great swap partner and thanks Chrissy (aka Spoitpig) for organising it. Spoiltpig has also set up a blog post that we can all share our links on here and a flickr group here if you want to see all the wonderful kitty goodies that have been exchanged.

I'm getting addicted to swaps. Not got any on the go now though. Anyone heard of any good sign ups? Until I find a new swap I am thinking about joining in this project to crochet/knit/sew a mini-me for the London Science museum.


MitziMakes said...

ooh lovely goodies!!Your crochet is soo neat!
I'm really tempted to set up a swap, but not sure anyone would join in :S was thinking of a spring theme, or maybe summer too?

Gemma said...

Thanks. I wish I'd photographed the mess that was my furry yarn attempt!! Then you wouldn't say it was neat!! Its only neat with cheap acrylic dk yarn. Shhhhh!
Well it has been very summery lately. I'll admit I'm not feeling particularly inspired by a spring theme I'm afraid, but summer theme sounds good. I might have to organise a swap myself.... ponder ponder

Caroline said...

Very nice, those earrings are gorgeous! Fluffy yarn is indeed the devil's work - DK acrylic is by far the best for amis (not least because it's tough and easily washable so it's great for kid toys too). Actually a good trick is to use one DK yarn and one fluffy or eyelash yarn with a slightly bigger hook - makes it clearer to work with and gives a stiffer result.

Sent my stuff off today so you'll be able to see what I managed with some hellish eyelash sparkly nearly got thrown across the room many times!

SpoiltPig Jewellery said...

ooh! Lovely work :D I've never even attempted crotchet but it's definitely on my list of 'to do' things now that I've seen a couple of these amigurumi cats!
Glad you enjoyed the swap and thanks for linking back to the site >^.^<

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