Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!!

Well I attempted to go to school today. Headed out of the door and everything. Roads were horrible. Decided to ring in and let school know I'd be in later. I dutifully sent in my cover work for period 1. Then I get a text- we have a snow day anyway! Yay!
Now how shall I use it? Hmmm.......watching trashy telly?....some school work then crafting?

The downside of the snow is that I am supposed to be going to the Guildhall to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with MIL tonight. I'm assuming this will be cancelled :o(

LUNCHTIME EDIT: Just had a text from my HoD saying we have tomorrow off too. I have done a little school work but this can stop now and I'm going to watch tv and play crocheting. Getting the hang of it now thanks to 'The Art of Crochet' (see first post). I'm going to have a go at making a flower- without a pattern!
Results to follow if they're good enough!!


SpoiltPig Jewellery said...

bake warm things to fight the freeze! It's so cold today I think I'll be snuggling up with soup, feet on the radiator.
Shame about the Concert though :(

Gemma said...

I'm not really a baker! Many buckets of tea are helping keep me warm though as well as jumper and big cardy! Toes are still freezing though despite 2 pairs of socks and big slippers.
Still waiting for concert news....

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