Sunday, 3 January 2010

Motivation where art thou?

I'm on a serious downer of late. (Feel free to stop reading this post- it may turn out to be quite negative.) Finding motivation to do anything is proving very difficult. Well I was motivatied last night to play about with this and get my head around some of the html/xml coding...and lets face it- not essential work but it does look prettier.
Haven't done any crafting since before Christmas and then it was only to make pressies for people. It felt forced. School starts again tomorrow and I haven't done anything about that yet. Luckily I only work part time so have Mon and Tue to do that work if I don't find the motivation later today. Don't even want to watch the UFC we recorded last night and usually I love that.
Right, that's enough. Stop moping Gemma. I'm going to go have a bath with left over homemade smellies and candles and I'm thinking I'll take the crochet stuff I picked up yesterday in with me.

Roll on the longer days!


Gemma said...

That bath really improved my mood. For the first time in ages I could face the housework!

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