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RAW beaded bead earrings tutorial

I made these earrings earlier this month as part of the OTTBS earring challenge. I was just playing about embellishing right-angle-weave.When I posted them up in the facebook group someone asked about the pattern. I said I'd write it and put it on my blog at some point so here goes! They're easy peasy if you're familiar with the stitch. Hopefully not too tricky if its new to you.

You will need (for 2 earrings- halve them if you only want 1!):
2 x earwires
2 x jumprings (I used 6mm)
12 x 6mm fire polished crystals
6 x 6mm corrugated/fluted metal beads
12 x size 8 seed beads
A sprinkle of size 11 seed beads (I can't be bothered to count how many! As it turns out, a tiny sprinkle more than in the photo below)
Preferred beading thread, thread conditioner, needle

The earrings above are made with AB coated montana blue fire polished crystals, SP corrugated beads and galvanised silver seedies. In the tutorial I am using purple iris fire polish, SP corrugated beads and gunmetal seedies.

Cut and condition some thread. A wingspan of thread should be enough to do both beaded beads although this will depend on how thoroughly you weave in your ends and how long your wingspan is!
Thread one fire polish, one corrugated, one fire polish and one corrugated. Tie into a ring leaving a long enough thread to weave in at the end and then pass the needle through the first two beads you added.

Thread one fire polish, one corrugated and one fire polish. Pass the needle back through the corrugated bead in your first loop that the thread was exiting from in the picture above, to create two rings.

Pass the needle through the first and second beads you added in the step above. Add one fire polish, pass the needle through the 4th bead you added in the first ring (the corrugated one at the end of your row) and add another fire polish.

Pass the needle through the 3rd corrugated bead you added. Basically you have three loops in a triangle.

Pass the needle through the top three fire polished beads, back through a corrugated bead then round the bottom three fire polished beads to strengthen them. Pass the needle through the nearest corrugated bead and add nine size 11s, then through the next corrugated bead in the direction shown. 

Repeat twice more so you have lines of beads between each of the corrugated beads so it looks like this.

Add four beads and pack through the 5th bead in the last set of  nine 11s you just added.

Add four more size 11s and pass the needle through the next corrugated bead to make a cross. Do this twice more to get three crosses around the bead.

You are now going to add the beads on the top and bottom, around the fire polished beads. Thread one size 8, eight size 11s and one size 8. Pass the needle through the next corrugated bead so that the seedies you just added form a semi circle.

Repeat the above step on the other size of the bead but make sure that the bead corrugated you stitch  in is not linked to the semi circle on the other side.

Add one size 8 and four size 11s. Loop the thread round the middle of the semi circle and back through the five beads you just added and the corrugated bead.

The corrugated bead you just passed the needle through will already be linked to a semi circle of seedies on the other side. Pass the needle through the first 8 and the next four size 11s. Add four 11s and an 8 and through the corrugated bead that isn't linked up.

 Basically you're done! Just weave in the ends, tying a few knots as you go. You can go around the thread path to strengthen it if necessary, depending on your tension. Then you just need to add a jumpring and make another.

Here's mine!

Hope this all makes sense (I have a feeling I've waffled a bit!!) and  have fun! I'd love to see what you make with this tutorial! Pop me a link below.


As far as tutorial use goes, you are more than welcome to sell what you make using these instructions but please do not copy this tutorial to redistribute/teach without contacting me. If you wish to share my tutorial, then thanks muchly, but please link people to this post. You have my permission to use an image for the purposes of linking to this tutorial only. For any other use, please contact me.  


Cards with a Difference said...

They are gorgeous. I don't make jewellery myself but I am sure that somebody will enjoy making those for themselves or a gift. Thank you for sharing the instructions on how to make them.

NEDbeads said...

Fab tutorial!! Thanks so much!! (These would look great in a bracelet, too!!)

Clair said...

I'm definitely going to give these a try! They're lovely! Thanks so much for writing up the tutorial x

Sharon Perry said...

great tutorial, and very pretty earrings!

Hannelore Cossins said...

Excellent tutorial really clear photos, thank you. I am sure I will give these a try as they are so beautiful.

Rosangela- Luky Bijoux said...

lindo... adorei...

Anonymous said...

Great Tutorial... thanks so very much!

Linda K. said...

Beautiful beaded beads and a really good tutorial. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thnxs so much for the new to beading,and trying to teach myself the basics.i will have lots of fun trying to make your beautiful earrings..thnxs again,god bless!!!

NZKazza said...

This is such a gorgeous creation, thanks so much for sharing it, I found you ages ago then lost you again!!!
love and light from NZ, Kazz

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing this wonderfull tutorial.
Halina in Australia

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