Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March Crafting

Hello lovely readers. Hope you all had a fab March.
Mine was busy with GCSE marking so I didn't get a huge amount of crafting done. Here's what I did make though.

If you read my last post, this will be familiar. I completed my finish-along project by adding 8s to the edges and taking out some of the short rows to change it into a tightly fitting bracelet with a clasp. This makes it much harder for the rows to slip under each other. Thanks everyone for all their suggestions as to how to solve this problem. I'll hopefully make some earrings soon to match with the beads I took out. I'm calling it 'Twinsmaille' and I will prob write a blog tutorial at some point if you're interested in how its made.

Continuing with my beaded crochet I made this rhodonite chip bracelet. This one has a clasp. I made it a bit tight by accident so may see about changing the clasp to one slightly bigger or adding some domed copper ends or something. Not sure.

I also made these earrings. The design is by Tracey Crystal Gwilliams. Tracey offered it for free on her facebook page for March (there's a new freebie for April) but you can buy it over on her website here. They are for week 10 of the earring challenge and I also submitted them for the OTTBS moodboard challenge....and super exciting....I won!!! I got these great beads form Rachel of RB Beads.

You know what's fantastic about the OTTBS moodboard challenge? It doesn't matter how experienced you are at beading, everyone has an equal chance of winning (or slightly better chance if you include the twist). Fancy entering this month- check out the moodboard for this month.

And that's the lot, for March. I'm now 4 weeks behind on the earring challenge, oooops! I want to make matching earrings to both the above bracelets and I'm also planning on joining in the finish-a-long again with a bangle from beadwork that I started a few months ago.

Happy April creating everyone!


Beads By Becs said...

Gorgeous work... and gorgeous new beads! Always nice to get a beady bonus - especially after all the beady shopping on Saturday!
I had a great time though - thanks for keeping me company!

Clair said...

I finally caught up on the earring challenge this weekend - and I'm supposed to have been prodding everyone along. *Sigh*

I do love your Twinsmaille Bracelet and I can't wait to see how your Finish Along for this month turns out x

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