Tuesday, 21 December 2010

December Elves: Days 17 to 19

Well, regular readers of my blog will know, the craft fair that got snowed off in the last batch of snow was on last weekend. It was a disaster and in hindsight I shouldn't have gone. On Friday I looked at the weather report and thought it might be iffy but the organiser said it was still on so I assumed she had better local weather knowledge than me. Hmph. I got stuck on the motorway on the way up due to an accident. Sold nothing- there were very few people through the door as it was very snowy. Left early, had to dig my car out of the road as it was just wheel spinning and to top it all off I slid into a bollard on the drive back to my friend's house. Oh well, never mind. Could have been a lot worse and at least the car still works so I could get back home to Southampton on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Elves are still going although in smaller numbers. I relisted a few items in advance to keep up. (I am technically one listing ahead but I wont be listing between Christmas and New Year.) Here are 3 of them.

And three favourites each day from other hardworking Elves. As ever, click on the pics to be taken to the sellers' shops to find out more.

UniquelyYours; Wellydog Gallery; Kate Blankett

JAustenJewelleryDesign; NOfkantsCurios; Leanne Woods Designs

Victoria's Polymer Art; Maxine Veronica Jewellery; bluedaisyglass

I shall possibly get round to another Elves post before Christmas but if not have a fab Christmas and New Year all whatever you are all up to.


NOfkantsCurios said...

Thank you for including my blueberry fingerless mittens in your feature gallery!

I love your shell bracelet, so very pretty!

Natalie x

JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Thank you for featuring my Rose Quartz and Tourmaline Earrings. I love your necklace - very sophisticated. Wellydogs picture is really eyecatching too.

Love Jacqueline x

Victoria said...

Thank You for including my Metallic Pendant on your blog. I love your drop earrings!!
Have a Very Merry Christmas xxx

UniquelyYours said...

Lovely selection as always. Thank you for including my fingerless gloves, much appreciated. Linda

apryl.brincklow said...

Hi Gemma, sorry to hear about your craft fair this week. At least you got home safely though. Thanks for including me in your showcase. Apryl bluedaisyglass

joy said...

thanks so much for including me in your blog. I am not blogging again until the new year, but will most certainly include you and your folksy shop when I start up again in january.
seasons greetings to you.

Maxine Veronica said...

Great picks Gemma, thank you so much for including my necklace. Have a great Christmas

Max :o) x

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