Thursday, 16 December 2010

December Elves: Days 14 to 16

See...more hairclips!!

And three favourites each day from other hardworking Elves. As ever, click on the pics to be taken to the sellers' shops to find out more. Silvery finds today!

Lizzyanthus; Esme Dodsworth Design; MarthaMooBeads

Mirribeads; Steampunk Storm; Mia Scintilla

Silk purse, sow's ear; Mystic's Realm; SP Jewellery


Lizzyanthus said...

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for featuring our pendant is this lovely selection.

Mia's Angel Wing Pendant is gorgeous and your blue hair grip is making me wish I hadn't had my hair cut very short the other week!


Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

once again, gorgeous picks! thanks for including my earrings in your blog :)

UniquelyYours said...

Wonderful selection. Must have similiar tastes, I used some of those in mine. Linda
p.s still working on the side by side pics.

Mirribeads said...

Lovely selection and thanks for putting my spider up there :-) I realy like your hairclips, they're gorgeous!
xxx Mirjam

Esme Dodsworth said...

lovely items, I love your blue and silver hairclip, very pretty colours. Thank you for featuring my earrings :-)
esme x

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