Thursday, 8 July 2010

Look what I won!

The majority of my lovely readers probably know Natalie of NOfkants curios. (If you don't then pop along to her blog and folksy shop for fantastic knitted bags, gemstones, fossils and other fabulous bits and pieces.) Natalie is, quite frankly, amazing. She's a Mum and works and crafts and organises us folksy people into listing every day. She also keeps track of all our listings and encourages us and is constantly happy dancing when any of us get a sale. Not only that but she has great blog giveaways too.

I recently entered her gemstone giveaway and thanks to her son's ingenious method of selecting a winner, I won!! Such a lovely surprise. I was catching up with my blog reading and saw that little piece of paper with my name on it- made me a very happy bunny. Natalie gave me the choice of any of her gemstone keyrings in her shop. I love all gemstones and it was a tricky decision. Look at some of these beauties.

In the end I chose this stunning labradorite heart charm. It came beautifully wrapped and it even more wonderful in real life than any camera or computer screen can capture. I have decided to take the heart of the key chain and make it into a pendant though as I'll get much more wear out of it and can show it off!

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much Natalie. Not only for the gorgeous labradorite heart, but for being generally wonderful and supportive and amazing. Super woman in disguise.


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ooohh i LOVE labradorite - you lucky thing you!

NOfkantsCurios said...

I am so pleased you love your labradorite heart, and it looks stunning around your neckline as a pendant! All the gemstones I use are in reality meant for jewellery, so you have reverted it to probably what it should have remained in the first place.

Thank you too for the lovely blog and showcase, you really are too kind, and I honestly get lots of all the Jesters so I'm not doing it on my own!

Natalie x

Evie said...

Labradorite is my favourite gemstone - great that you won the heart!!

Nanuk Jewellery said...

Congratulations! I love labradorite, and that heart looks great as a pendant.

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