Sunday, 28 February 2010

Organisation and too many projects

Over the past few weeks I've not been feeling particularly crafty but have been spending some time trying to organise myself. Over the years I have subscribed on and off to various magazines and have collected loads of craft books. I decided to cut out all the projects I'm interested in (from mags NOT books) and any inspirational pics I like too. I now have 3 leaver arch files full of projects I want to have a go at (2 that are mostly beading/jewellery making and 1 that is all sorts of crafty goodness). I also have a few notebooks with my ideas and inspirational clips and dread to think how many projects I have saved on my computer. Craft book wise, I have a 6' shelf practically filled.

Somehow I don't think I need to buy any more craft books or mags for the next few millenia......even if there is some fantastic new technique that NEEDS to be tried. I haven't tried all the fanastic old techniques I already have. Save your pennies Gemma and don't renew your subscriptions when they come up- you dont need more projects!!

And don't get me started on supplies....maybe I should have joined Vonnie's Craft Neutral challenge?


gtlady said...

I'm completely with you - in mind if not in reality! I joined Vonnies craft neutral challange and I am destashing quite a bit which gives you such a buzz actually, but as to new ideas and techniques - good luck on not starting anything new or getting a new mag! I admire your will power!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I am the same. I have MANY folders of cross stitch patterns and two of beading ones. And, when I say 'folders', I mean the really large ones. I also have huge amounts of craft books, but I do think that these are worth having because they are usually beautiful and inspirational. Just think to yourself that, in cutting the patterns out, you are saving space, rather than having piles of magazines :-)

MitziMakes said...

Yup me too! I'm completely disorganised though and I wish I could organize my craft stash like you!

Gemma said...

Oh the stash isn't organised- just the books and mags!! organising the craft stash is on my to do list and it might actually get done on day as I've given up my job!

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