Friday, 26 February 2010

Celtic Pendant

A friend of mine saw the celtic style pendant I made for Kirsty for Christmas (this one) and he really liked it. He asked me if I could have a go at making a disc pendant for him. He needs one for car racing or something. Apparently he needs a metal pendant with his name and blood group on the back!! I was up for the challenge. I got to try out my new disc cutter and I also used sheet silver for the first time. I've had a bit for a while but was too scared to use it.

I saw Steve when I went to London and he liked it (phew!) Mind you, I told him it wasn't going too well and he said,he'd wear it even if it was #*^$, so who knows what he really thinks of it?

............Drum roll please......

Its not perfect by any stretch but I was quite pleased with the end results. It started out as a 1mm thick approx 1 inch diameter circle. The knotwork was done by bending one long piece of wire using a jig to help sometimes. It then got hammered and soldered it on. I decided it needed a twisty frame so added that (tricky bit). Into the liver of sulphur and polished and then forgetting that it needed a bail so made one of those somehow... My rotary tool gave up so had to use my little twisty drill which took nearly forever. The bail was a bent strip of silver with some wire soldered on.

As a complete aside, crafting is on the back burner for a bit. Life a bit extra neurotic atm. I'll catch up eventually with forums, blog posts and my own crafty backlog.


Nicola said...

Wow - Gemma that's beautiful
You should put it in the new technique for "disk cutting" :)
Nic xx

Amber said...

Hey! That's neat! :)

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