Monday, 28 February 2011

Valentinos Finale!

Today is the final day of the Feb daily listing club over on Folksy. I'm doing one of those big finale post I have done a couple of times before. Here's everything listed on the last day of the Valentinos!! Each photo is clickable if you want to find out more.


JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Wow! What a fantastic Blog! Thank you so much for featuring both my listings for the day so far - the Emerald, Black Onyx and Aventurine Necklace and the pink Ocean Jasper pendant.

I love the opal effect of your earrings, Gem and the hand spun wool by Liz really appeals to me.

Love Jacqueline x

The Little Bead Box said...

Wow, I'm in 3 times. Thanks, Gemma. My fave is the gorgeous owl pendant. I just love the colours that Dottery uses.

Also, thanks, J for being kind to my yarn.


lisamarie (maytreelane) said...

don't they all look fantastic together. If you saw a shop window like that you would probably fall over!
thanks for your hard work gemma
lisamarie x

apryl.brincklow said...

This must have taken hours. Thanks for including my pendant. Hope Feb has been a good month for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow they all look fantastic together!

Thank you for including my earrings :)


chloedancer99 said...

Aren't we clever? Everything looks so good together - many thanks Gemma for including my picture. I love Liz's purple yarn!

Dawn xx

Shoogly Beads said...

Fabulous stuff. Gorgeous owl pendant and 1 of Lisa's lovely postcards. I only managed to look at the listings a couple of times this month. Have signed up for March!!

NOfkantsCurios said...

Great of you to do such a massive finale feature blog! I adore the effect in your opal like resin earrings, imagine what price they would be if they were really opal! Phew!

Thank you so much too for being a great daily challenger, over a few months too!

Natalie x

Dottie Designs said...

Wow - what a blog!! Very pleased I managed to sneak in at the 11th hour! Thank you :o)

Well done - that must have taken ages!

Dottie x

made with love said...

Aw what a great post. Thank you so much. It must have taken you a long time
Rachael X

lilipopo said...

You must have an awful lot of patience! It looks beautiful, thankyou for including me

Kate x

UniquelyYours said...

Wow, that is stunning. Must have taken you a long time. Thanks for including my ACEO. Linda

Gemma said...

Thanks everyone for you comments!
Does take a while but copy and paste is my friend!! I like to do a big finale post occassionally if I have a quite day as I love seeing everything all together on one page.

Anonymous said...

wow what an incredible post...well done you!! Just goes to show how diverse and talented the Folksy bunch is!!
Trish x

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