Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Craft Neutral begins here.... and playing with wire

Right then. I've been to all the fairs I wanted to go to before starting the craft neutral thingy. I am now NOT GOING TO SPEND ANY MORE MONEY ON CRAFTY THINGS unless I've sold something. (This was a challenge Vonnie set for herself  (here) for the year but I wasn't ready to start in Jan.)

Ok. So I need to start making to sell. I have an empty folksy shop waiting and my brother-in-law has said I can put stuff in his bookshop- I really must ask him for a bit more info on that.... Then my thoughts took me to displaying my creations. I decided to make an earring hanger out of random wire I have lying around and a polymer clay base. Whilst I was playing with wire I also made a couple of flowers but I have no idea what I'm going to do with them!

Here they are. Please ignore the burn in the table. It turns out that when you heat silver with a blowtorch and it decides to leap off your fire brick its pretty hot ;o)


MitziMakes said...

Well done! my attempts at going craft neutral have gone pretty badly.. you've reminded me I'm meant to still not shop!! Good luck :)

Origami Jewellery said...

That's a very artistic looking earring hanger you made! I have also burnt my fingers and hair a few times when I was using a blowtorch!!

gtlady said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! And well done an joining the craft neutral challange - I've only cheated once(!) and am working my way through my stash which is a brilliant incentive - I'm also lookin forward to what you do with those gorgeous gem stones!

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